Modern Touch
From Traditional to Modern
Tina has been helping brides with her Ao Dai tailoring for 2 years and after that she had opened up a bridal store for Ao Dai which is located in Toronto. In 2017 the company moved to a residential location for more personalized service.
Tina’s designs are known for exceptional quality in material and custom fit. Her designs are a mix of Western modern and traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai.. Providing custom tailored services and ready made samples at her Toronto location.

First step of the design process is gathering your ideas, bring in as many pictures as you like. Tina will put them all togeather for you.
The sketch is the next process for the designer to visualize and to remember your design.
When its done sewing, Trying it on for size is the last process before you can take it home.
Design Studio
Her design space is located in a residential area, warm and comfortable. Providing ready made samples, fabrics and custom designs. Book an appointment today to experience 1 on 1 service with the designer.
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